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The Minnesota Craft Beer Obsession

With over 7,000 breweries in the state of Minnesota as of the end of 2018, it is pretty clear that us northerners like our beer. Twenty years ago, beer drinkers became the subject of many a joke when they selected their unique or otherwise fancy beers. But today, even those that wouldn’t call themselves beer drinkers are turning to these locally produced beers. And why? Because quite simply, craft beers taste better.

For an evening out, people no longer just head to the local bar. Local breweries and wineries are the hang-out of choice, and common selections of alcohol consumers include spiked seltzers, hard ciders and sodas, and most of all, craft beer.

Craft breweries have been booming all over Minnesota. While the typical brewery is a bit on the small side, more and more are opening taprooms making their establishments a popular evening and weekend hang-out. Though most of the taprooms creeping up all over the state are in smaller towns and are designed to serve local residents, many have been popping up in the Twin Cities metro, Duluth, and Rochester, where the competition is higher than ever.

Bringing that craft beer taste to your event

We’ve been in the catering and hospitality business for a long time (since 1979), and we know that wedding guests and event attendees appreciate the opportunity to drink what they drink at home. And when you take that same and much-loved craft beer and make it available at a wedding, you really start speaking your guest’s language. On your special day or at your special event, you should be able to have the beer that you want.

Living in Minnesota as we do, most weddings and outdoor corporate events take place in the summer. And, this is when most Minnesota-based craft breweries are showcasing their lighter and more seasonable beers. This makes summer events the best time to bring in your craft beer of choice.

When we work with brides and grooms on their bar selection, we find that most are looking for a craft beer assortment (in addition to their wine and liquor selections) that includes a saison, a blonde ale, and a wheat.

Saison – This is a great beer for those hot and sticky days. The citrusy tones of the beer are an excellent match for any discerning and picky palate. And of course, this is a fantastic beer to enjoy when dancing the night away.

Blonde ale – This is an American classic and perfectly aligns with the vibe and taste budgets of the Scandinavians that are spread across our great state. In fact, many of the more prominent breweries in Minnesota highlight blonde ale as their flagship craft beer.

Wheat – This is a popular stand-by, and it comes in many varieties from filtered to unfiltered, sweet or sour, and fruity or hardy. This is a great beer to garnish with lemon too if you want a little bit of a kick.

Hitch & Sip can source and bring any craft beer to your event

As we said, in this northern agricultural hub that we have here in the land of 10,000 lakes (and farms), wheat beer is always going to be an American and Minnesotan favorite, especially on hot summer days. If you love your craft beer and you are planning a big event such as a wedding, corporate event, or other, consider adding your favorite to your bar menu.

We’ve established great relationships with craft breweries all over Minnesota, and even some in Wisconsin and the Dakotas. We can ensure that your event includes all of those beers that you love to enjoy when relaxing after a long day, and will make sure that it creates that personalizes feel that you are looking for.

Hitch & Sip is a fully licensed and insured liquor catering business. Our services are completely mobile, and we provide all the equipment needed to create your bar experience.

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